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About Us

Govt. of Bihar District Registered office, patna.The document has been registered as Deed No. 403 in Book No. 4 Volume NO. 9 on pages From 455 to 474 and has been presered in total 20 pages In 2018

This deed of public trust act 1882 is executed on this 21 th day of may 2018, token number 6400, serial no 6267 trust deed.

All the activities shall be NonProbitable and shall be done on “No profit No loss” basis.

All the income earnings, movable/immovable properties of the trust shall be solely utilized and applied toward the promotion of its Aims and Objective only as set forth in the deed of the trust and profit there of shall be paid transfer directly or in directly by way of dividends,bonus,profit or anymanner what solver to the present by or the past member of the trust or to any person claiming threw any one or more of the present or the past members.

No member of the trust shall have any personal claime on any movable or immovable properties of the trust or make any profits what ever, by virtue of his membership.

That the trust fund may be angmented by the income from the initial fund and also by donations and other contrubation from time to time

• Subject to the provisions of income tax Act 1961 as amended from time to time transfer.

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